The Digger and the Flower

An excavator,
a sprawling city
& the courage to do what’s right

The Digger and the Flower is a love letter to nature and very personal story of growth and courage. Of all the books I’ve created, I love this one most. 

In stores January 27th.

 Published by Balzer+Bray in 2018 


“Kuefler’s simply written and beautifully illustrated tale has a powerful message about the importance of the environment...Verdict: A wonderful, inspiring tale, perfect for read-alouds. Great for all libraries.”

 School Library Journal / Starred Review 

“Kuefler imbues the text with the heart and soul of the best storytime fare...one couldn't hope for a better tale of rebirth and regeneration.”

 Kirkus Reviews / Starred Review

 Why this story? 

When I was nineteen, my best friend and I headed out west. On our fifth day, we found ourselves in western Montana about to enter Glacier National Park. I was profoundly and deeply moved by those 1,500 square miles.

When I returned again a five years later, the glaciers had nearly vanished. I saw firsthand how fragile even the most majestic of places can be.

I have yet to return with my three children. There's a real chance they will never see those same glaciers that inspired their father. And that breaks my heart.

Glacier is just one corner of the world. This same story is unfolding in so many other irreplaceable lands, habitats, and forests around the globe.

I wrote The Digger and the Flower as a sort of love letter to nature.

 And just before he switched off for the night, Digger sang the flower a bedtime song. 

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