Undisclosable Client

Future-proofing a billion dollar brand

When a large, media-centric organization came looking for a product and brand reinvention strategy capable of attracting and converting a vibrant new audience, I got excited. It’s not often you get to reinvent something from scratch.

By examining their existing ecosystem and content, and injecting a fresh set of ideas, we created a brand and product vision—complete with clickable prototypes—tailored to the interests and desires of a pre-boomer audience looking to reinvent themselves in their third act of life.

From inspirational content to deep dive examinations into self Heyday offered rich content, immersive digital personal betterment experiences, and more. Surrounding it all was a brand and voice and tone designed to inspire.


Beaten to the punch by Target

Unfortunately, a few months after this work concluded, Target unveiled their Heyday brand of electronics accessories. Though the name needed to be rethought, the product work remains sound. Kudos to them for beating us to it.

Laying the foundation for a new digital platform

I handed over a buttoned-up vision and set of designs for the brand’s future ecosystem—from site structure to tagging taxonomy, education strategy to new platforms, all tailored to the needs of a set of sub-segments of their target audience.

Using data to drive content strategy

To define the content categories of their media experience, as well as their future content strategy, I combed through dozens of reports detailing site traffic and user behaviors on their existing content and ecosystem. These reams of data informed a simple yet high-relevant and functional category structure.

Turning engagement into action

To move people beyond passive engagement, and because membership conversion was central to the brand’s business, an activation strategy was created to support content. Four pillars of activation drove people into additional content, rich learning, participation in physical events and experiences, or into existing personalized behavior change offerings.

Empowering the dev team with templates

Innovation is often defined by speed, so to expedite the client’s development team’s build phase, I handed over fully designed page templates—hero/home, category, article, and program. They were designed and pressure tested using existing content, and included clickable prototypes and a full site flow map. They were deploying live pages before I was 100% complete with the templates.