Elevating employee wellness education

Each year, billions of dollars are spent on employee health and wellbeing benefits, and the vast majority of those benefits go unused. At The Big Know, we spotted an opening in the market and thought we could leverage our internationally recognized learning platform and James Beard Award nominated course creation practice to solve this problem.

Our solution was Being, a next-generation employee wellbeing education solution that lifts health literacy at scale. I shepherded the product—vision and strategy, experience, UI and UX design, user testing, analytics strategy, and course authoring. I also directed the design and creative team—course creative direction, content production, and all aspects of production. In addition to my focus overseeing product and content, I was responsible for brand and positioning and spearheaded sales material creation in support of our sales team. It is now enjoying rapid growth and success. Being was the greatest challenge of my career and is one of my proudest creations.

Founding Leadership Team, Product & Creative Director, Brand

Equal parts tech & content

Being perfectly blends best-in-class learning technology with educational content experiences to create a truly effective employee education and betterment solution.

Beautifully intuitive

With a user base spanning all ages, genders, ethnicities, and levels of education, every pixel of Being needed to be easy to use and even easier to love.

Cinema-quality courses taught by trusted experts

Being’s personal betterment courses are taught by renowned academics, best-selling authors, and beloved personalities.

Any brand, any language, any time

Being was built with white labeling and localization in mind, which means every button color, typeface, hover state, and piece of text can be tailored to fit.

Closing the utilization gap

Through it all, Being integrates employer benefits—within the learning experiences and throughout the platform—to provide employees with the best next step at the perfect time.

Product marketing that fits

As a SaaS-based product and company, it was important we put as much consideration into the buying experience as we did the learning experience.