Transforming my book into a brand

I have combined my experiences in brand, business invention, and children’s book publishing to create a new direct-to-consumer children’s toy and media offering.


My third book, The Digger and the Flower, has wowed readers around the world. From the very beginning, it was obvious to me Digger had a much bigger story to tell.

The Digger&Co crew

Play alongside Digger and his friendly crew of construction trucks.

Every corner carefully crafted

Because the best toys are beautiful inside and out, I considered every angle.

Every corner carefully crafted

When designing the vehicles, I considered every angle. Because heirloom toys are beautiful—inside and out.

A big world of fun

Inspiring imaginative, wholesome play for little builders everywhere.

Build, smash, repeat

Putting magnets to work for their imagination.

Bang, smash, repeat

Putting magnets to work for their imagination (and cognitive development).

A toy brand built for this generation (and the next one)

Mass? Maybe. I’m building Digger&Co as a digital-first toy brand in order to take more responsibility for its impact, footprint, economics, and relationships.