A cold brew that’s kind to the body & mind

I helped to co-found and bring to market Minneapolis’ first CBD-infused coffee brand.

After a rapid entrance, successfully securing placement in numerous locations across the Twin Cities, and growing sales, the Department of Agriculture shut us down, along with a number of other CBD food and beverage brands, due to the legal confusion surrounding hemp-infused products.

We knew that was a risk when we set out. It was fun while it lasted.


Kindly bottles

A banded spectrum was chosen for its conceptual connection to the mental elevation of coffee and subtle stability of CBD. We didn’t think the subtle nod to late-70s and early 80s good vibes was a bad thing either. The Kindly color bands became a central brand element of both the broader brand system, including digital content and event materials.

Educating consumers and pushing the limits of the law

We leveraged the flexibility of digital printing to create numerous versions of the label. This allowed us to more broadly educate the market about the product benefits and get ahead of potential barriers to purchase, all while amplifying Kindly’s personality-forward brand voice.

Kindly cans

The wordmark