Branded education for the Netflix age

The Big Know is a venture-backed branded education company. It was incubated during my time at GoKart Labs. I was tapped by GoKart leadership to help the company make the leap from beta to reality.

I directed the product from prototype, through successful series A, to in-market stability. I was responsible for product vision, the UX/UI team, user testing and insights integration, and customer success. I also directed the brand and creative team in its pursuit to produce unforgettable learning experiences for our clients.

In 2018, The Big Know was named International Learning Technology Company of the Year at the prestigious Learning Technology Awards and was nominated for a James Beard Award for its partnership with Andrew Zimmern.

Founding Leadership Team, Product & Creative Director, Brand

Deep engagement for modern brands

The Big Know partners with organizations like USBank, P&G, Optum, UnitedHealthcare, AARP, and the Pro Football Hall of Fame to create best-in-class learning experiences that captivate, educate, and activate. Powering it all is an industry-leading digital learning experience platform.

Cinematic and painstakingly produced courses

The Big Know takes the guess work out of production work. From casting to voice talent, animation to on-location audio, its squad of ace talent brings each course to life with craft, care, and speed.

I oversaw this practice—building out the company’s production capability, creative directing courses, and directing post-production efforts.

Taught by beloved experts

The Big Know’s courses are taught by best-selling authors, National Geographic Explorers, renowned professors, celebrity chefs, and prize-winning researchers.

Powered by a beautifully designed authoring subsystem named Bill

The product team designed every nook and cranny, including our homegrown LMS and content management subsystem built to enable (and handle) learning at scale. For the record, I’m not sure why we named it Bill.

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Visit The Big Know